Geniora - Phone

Don't let your child get addicted to gadgets

Equip your child to face the digital and technology-using era in a safe way. Support children with Geniora Mobile to accompany their gadget usage directly, anywhere and anytime.

The characteristics of gadget addiction

Increased eye minus


Eating irregularly

Confused and Emotional

Lazy to study

Irregular sleeping schedule

First smartphone for children

Available in two colors

Rose Gold

1 year guarantee

Geniora Phone provides a 1 year factory warranty for your assurance.


Rp 1.799.000

Rp 1.599.000,-

Why Geniora Mobile?

Geniora Phone is the first and only childfocused gadget in Asia, which have features to help parents monitor their children’s gadget usage.

With a parenting system that can't be uninstalled, Geniora Mobile is the right choice for your child's first gadget.

Accompany your children in using gadget now!

Download the Geniora Parent application to connect your child's Geniora Mobile with your gadget.


Please Listen!

Interrupt your child's smartphone activity, right from your hand

SOS Protection

Children can make emergency calls when they need help


Know your child's location to ensure his/her safety while you’re not with them


Build children's good habit by managing their daily time together

Application Setter

Hide or allow application based on the needs

What do they say about Geniora Phone?


Konsultan IT

Setelah menggunakan Geniora Phone, anak saya jadi mudah untuk diatur.

Septiana Dwi Utami

Ibu Rumah Tangga

Pengalaman menggunakan Geniora cukup oke.. Pas buat anak-anak..

Billy Ho

Guru Matematika

Memudahkan saya untuk mengatur waktu anak kalau sudah kebablasan main hp-nya.

Sutrisno Tandera


Geniora phone memudahkan saya saat mengatur aktivitas anak-anak saya.. Cocok buat anak-anak..

Get one for your child!


Rp 1.799.000

Rp 1.599.000,-